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Prepare to revolutionize every water-related aspect of your life! Water touches us in so many ways throughout the day that we don't even realize. Do you drink coffee, shower, wash clothes, boil rice or pasta, or have a hot water heater? You almost certainly do. The truth is that we can improve and enhance all of these daily experiences and make your life a little bit better. Our water systems don't just soften your water, but also condition your water. Our water softeners significantly reduce the amounts of harmful chemicals that build up on your faucets, in your pipes, and in your body!

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My experience with Julie Guimond in the business realm has led me to the lasting impression of a driven, hardworking, intelligent water system entrepreneur. Julie is constantly striving to take her company to the next level and I believe she balances the demands of work and family better than most business people. Her customer service is extraordinary, educated, and prompt. I highly recommend Julie for not just this award, but any recognition of stellar accomplishment in any category of her water system industry.

Connie Helena
Ormond Beach, FL

Rebecca- Please consider Julie Guimond and Sensible Watr Solutions for your Customer Service Award. Not only has Julie made Flagler County her home, but she promotes it full time. Her water system company goes beyond the ordinary in supplying customer service not only from the point of water system installation but for 5 years beyond. Thank you for your consideration.

Sam Perkovich
Parkside Realty Group, LLC

This is to extend our vote to Sensible Water Systems for their excellence in service cleaning peoples water in Flagler County.

Julie Guimond's personality and attention to detail makes her a perfect candidate for this award. For as long as I have known Julie what stands out to me is her willingness to educate her customers, help them with whatever problem they are having, coming up with the solution to fix their water and keeping them within their budget.

Laura Cahill
Ormond Beach, FL

A couple of Years ago we moved into a House without City Water and a septic Tank... we did a lot of research about water systems and talked to a few People... Julie Guimond with Sensible Water Systems, LLC. came highly recommended by a fellow chamber Member and was very confident she can get the water clean to where we don't have the sour smell in the House and no scale build up in the Bathroom and Kitchen fixtures... Now he have the best water on the Block.

Also the Customer Care is second to none... If we ever have a water system problem Julie is at the front door within 12 Hours and fixes the Issue...

We always recommend Julie Guimond to all our Friends and Customer so they can have better water

Hans Killian
Ormond Beach, FL

I met Julie Guimond at the shop I manage in European Village. Julie was so helpful in giving me names and numbers for different services we needed to make our shop better. Julie offered to hep with our social media and checks in on us several times a week to see how we are doing. Julie and her daughters volunteered during New Years to help us pass out fliers and watch the shop. Julie is extremely dedicated to this community from her passion for people's health and homes to her desire to see this community to be all that it can be. We have really enjoyed getting to know Julie and her family.

Dee Delanoche
Ormond Beach, FL